Physical health issues can be nagging annoyances throughout your everyday life. If unaddressed, annoyance can escalate to discomfort or pain.  

Our job is to educate and teach you your body's "language".

TOGETHER as patient and therapist, we do the following:


We analyze your condition and determine what issues are possibly causing the problem.


With your therapist, we create a plan to address these issues.


Through therapy, we work to relieve you of your problem.


Post therapy, we teach and provide you with methods to CONTINUE to relieve you of the problem.

About Us

PTNJ provides a hands-on approach to relieving pain and improving function through personalized care. 

All visits are one-on-one with a licensed, expert physical therapist possessing advanced manual therapy techniques. Sessions are provided in the comfort of a warm and inviting clinic with close supervision from your therapists.

John Lee

John began his career in orthopedics in 2009 after having attained his Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy.


His educational background includes an Exercise Science degree from Rutgers College at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, and his Doctorate degree from the joint program at Rutgers University in Camden and University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Stratford. 

John is experienced in treating a broad spectrum of orthopedic injuries and post-surgical conditions. His background in rehabilitation includes treatment of patients in acute and sub-acute settings for burn trauma, general surgery, women’s health issues, as well as, bedside treatment in the ICU. He is experienced in the assessment and administration of neuro-dynamics and neural mobilization as treatment interventions for orthopedic ailments. His primary focus and strengths are in the treatment of sports-related conditions and injuries for athletes, particularly for golfers.


His dedication to professional excellence continues to drive an ongoing pursuit in clinical experience and knowledge in rehabilitation.

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Hillsdale, NJ 07642