personal training 

The goal of all training sessions is to provide each individual with an appropriate strength and conditioning program to have you look and feel your best.   We are not followers of fitness gimmicks or fads but believers in movements that are tried and true and will get you the results you need.  

We offer personal training as well as small group training.

Pricing & Packages

One on One Training:

             Single Session     $80

             10 Sessions         $750  ($75/session)

             20 Sessions        $700   ($70/session)

2 Person Session:

           10 Sessions  $400 ($40/person/session)

           20 Session   $350  ($35/person/session)

3-4 Person Sessions

           10 Sessions   $350 ($35/person/session)

           20 Sessions   $300 ($30/person/session)

** Each Session is approximately 50-60 minutes**


March 8, 2018

We live in complex times, Elon Musk is sending cars into outer space, 3D hearts are being printed, and crypto-currency is on the rise.  You would think with all the these social, medical, and technological innovations our health as a collective group of human beings would be at an all time high.  You could paint a picture in your head of a society filled with healthy, vibrant, physically capable people but instead we look more like the picture below.  A crowd of goons, grinning like idiots over the coolest newest gadget that Dr. Oz says works.  

Sorry that was rude, however the shake weight IS a real product. The fact that people purchase it is more telling of our societies ignorance when it comes to health and exercise then any study or research will ever show.  "The revolutionary new way to shape and tone the arms you'll love" Really?! Have you noticed how jacked and toned John Santos l...

May 9, 2017

       You Don't Know What You Don't Know! Think about that saying for a moment.  The idea is deep but also simple enough that you might roll your eyes if someone said it to you.  Kind of like a fortune cookie. You can analyze its meaning by digging deep into your brain or you can just crumple it up and throw it into your soup. 

Personally I have not written anything for a very long period of time were format was of any real consequence to me; parts of this post may be grammatically incorrect but I'm not even aware of it.  I don't know what I don't know.  That (;) I threw in the last sentence, no clue if it is used correctly or not but it looks cool to me so why not?  This is often the mentality people have when going to the gym, following an exercise program, or training for a sport.

Luckily for me there are no real consequences of the grammar police calling...

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